Exhibition Tant de temps

« En prenant l’affiche, je prends l’histoire !»
Jacques Villeglé

03 décembre 2017 - 30 avril 2017

The Musée Soulages was home to a large-scale exhibition devoted to contemporary art from 3 December to 30 April 2016.

On the theme of time, 50 works from 1948 to the present day were on display amidst a special scenographic construction. This multidisciplinary exhibition (paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, photography, installations, videos, films) called “Tant de temps !” (So much time) was focused on showing contemporary art from 1948 based on a theme deliberately left open: temporality and related notions (speed, immediacy, transformation)

Works from internationally-renowned artists such as Christian Boltanski, Robert Filiou, Gerhardt Richter or Bill Viola were featured alongside the creations of younger artists, in keeping with Pierre and Colette Soulages’wishes when they drew up the donation document prompting the creation of the Musée Soulages.

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