The Conques project

Conques Abbey is renowned worldwide as a masterpiece of Romanesque art.The abbey boasts a majestic tympan, which is in fact a didactic sculpture, a colossal vault and of course the stained glass windows. « I did not particularly want to design stained glass windows. And then, I was offered Conques » explains the artist to the medievalist historian Jacques Le Goff.

These stained glass windows created by Pierre Soulages were commissioned by the French Government in 1986.

« I often visited Conques during my childhood – I was born in Rodez. It’s in Conques that I experienced my first artistic emotions. »

The Abbey project was completed in April 1994 and, in spite of the contemporary style of the 104 stained glass windows created by Soulages, they befit humbly and harmoniously the Romanesque architecture.