Outrenoir en Europe. Musées et fondations” is the first exhibition of the Musée Soulages.

This exhibition brings together a typology from 1979 to 2011 (21 paintings including a set of polyptychs). Each work is singled out by its specific heat treatment, dimensions and lines in movement: isolated canvases, striations and flat areas, “super carrés” (big squares), horizontally brushed panels, blacks and whites, matte/shiny contrasts, etc.

Outrenoir en Europe” shows the wealth and evolution of Soulages’ work, too hastily described as monopigmentary paintings whereas “Outrenoir” (ultrablack or beyond black) is complex.

Delving into the nuances, the different experiences of Soulages bring a whole universe to life. In the different combinations of polyptychs, huge formats hanging from cables or fixed to the wall, animate the room as a whole. A journey awaits visitors entering the huge spaces of the temporary exhibition hall of the Musée Soulages, a journey through a contemporary portrait.

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