The Musée Soulages opens the “Le Bleu de l’Oeil” (The Blue of the Eye) exhibition by Claude Lévêque from 25 April to 27 September 2015. Claude Lévêque uses one-of-a-kind staging where visitors are invited to confront their own story. The proposal in the museum’s temporary exhibition hall harks back to other site-specific installations such as Le Grand Sommeil (The Big Sleep) (Mac/Val, 2006), Le Rôdeur (The Prowler) (Palais Farnese, Rome, 2006), The Diamond Sea (CRAC de Sète, 2010) or Sous le plus grand chapiteau du monde (The Greatest Show on Earth) (Musée du Louvre, 2015).

With “Le Bleu de l’Oeil” at the Musée Soulages, visitors move through a night light beneath the sky or the ocean. Surrounded by blue waves, their steps get trapped, wandering through a liquid yet airy ethereal space, filled with vibrations upsetting the sensory perceptions. The installation in the museum unfolds like a majestic, romantic and mysterious fiction. The uncompromising Claude Lévêque confines the viewer in his construction, a clearing lit up by flashes of heat here and there.

The installation goes on into the town of Rodez up to the Musée Fenaille, punctuated by a shop window housing two neon sentences.

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